„Feminine and strong”

This course is all about feminine but powerful and strong choreography. It is full of emotions, like woman herself- soft and tough, sensual and strong, ladylike and manly. In this dance we have technique from different styles: middle eastern dance, tribal fusion, urban style, vogue, contemporary. And it is suitable for every level!


Workshop is perfect for new dancers and also to those, who have already danced a bit. It consists learning some basic tribal fusion moves (omi, maya, body waves, flutter ect) and in result we will learn a short choreography to The Bishop Briggs's song „The River”. Definitely you will get some secret tricks and tips from this course!


Khleegy technique and choreography

In this course we will learn the rythm of khaleegy, basic steps, placement of the arms and poisture- all that is related to khaleegy. In result we will learn a feminine khaleegy choreography which suits both- for solo dancers or groups.

Tip: You must have khaleegy dress (thobe) for this class, if you need one to lend, then let us know and Juliana will bring some with her.



This workshop is focused on identifying the main rhythms and their variations. You will learn the tricks to guess what will the musician do next. With live music you will discover how to show the music with your body. The intensity, the silences, the changes and the endings- all that we will learn to understand better.

„Sufi spinning”

Discover how you can spin for hours! You will see the reality from another point of view. This is a spiritual way to connect with your feelings. You will gain confident with your whirls and after this you can use this kind of technique in your oriental dance. This is a social workshop where you depend on your mates to reach love.

„Sensual handwork”

Experiment different movements in your shoulders, hands and in your head... Sometimes your eyes can show more expression than in one minute of dancing. Tricks, recommandations, new ways to work with your body. Please be ready to feel the sensuality flowing from your blood!


"The Art of Balance"

How to improve your tribal fusion in a short time- this workshop will be focused on Tribal Fusion technique, perfect posture, layering & balance.


Afro-cuban style originates, like the name says, from africa but it took it's todays form when it reached to Cuba. Movements come from the gods of Yoruba religion (orishas) and even though it is from the same continent as oriental dance, it is a lot different- so perfect challenge for oriental dancers. In the class we will work with body isolation and relaxing your body, while still being strong.

Tip: Best way to dance afro-cuban is with bare foot, so no sneakers or heels.


Doesn't matter if you are a dancer or teacher- you will get all you answers that is related with the topic of oriental dance and pregnancy. Mari, Yahna, Aicha will share their experiences of having a baby while working as a dancer. They will talk about well-known myths, facts and answer listeners questions. Also we will not forget to talk about the medical side of it.


Morning streching

There is nothing better than morning streching with a view to the sea, especially after crazy festival.