Regular workshops are not enough for you? Do you wish to challenge yourself and take your dancing to next level? We’ve got what you are looking for- join ZF bootcamp! For the first time in Estonia group of oriental dancers learn professional choreography within 8 hours and perform in front of international audience. Let's make history!

Bootcamp is a brand new course type in Estonian middle eastern dance. This intensive and fun opportunity to challenge yourself and learn a lot with a short amount of time. This particular bootcamp will be about oriental, that has both- very lyrical and romantic flow but also very strong and technical drum solo. Next to learning the technique and choreography, we don't forget about learning the stage appearance and how to perform in front of the audience while being confident, comfortable and the most important- how to stay yourself!

This is a perfect opportunity to learn and try it straight away as you have the chance to perform at Saare Hafla.


Bootcamp is meant for intermediate and advanced dancers. Performing is voluntary but organizers do not insure that everybody can perform- final decision will be done by the instructor.

Bootcamp will be in Estonian (in English if necessary ).


Bootcamp takes place 16.-18.november
Tue 19-21
Fri 10-13/13.30-15
Sat 9-10 / stage rehearsal
Total- 8 hours