Different parts of festival pass:
Accommodation- how many days and with or without catering. Find a friend and get even better offer for twin room.
Festival passes-
BEGINNER PASS (Beginner+ open level workshops (7h), Saare Johara+ Saare Hafla, Afterparty)
VIP PASS (All workshops (7h), Saare Johara+ Saare Hafla, Afterparty)
BOOTCAMP PASS (Bootcamp classes (8h), Saare Hafla, Afterparty)
SUPER BOOTCAMP PASS (Bootcamp pass+ VIP pass)
DAY PASS (All Saturday's workshops (5h), Saare Hafla, Afterparty)
GUEST PASS (Saare Johara+Saare Hafla, Afterparty)
Festival T-shirt (pictures coming soon!)
Kuressaare Medieval Activity Centre entrance (19th November)
We remind you that if you purchase festival pass, you only need to do hotel check-in, everything else is waiting you already in the room!
Passes only available from pre-sale! And pre-sale ends week before the event.
At the door you can buy:
-Beginner/open level workshop 1h
-Advanced workshop 1h
-Saare Johara entrance
-Saare Hafla+Afterparty entrance

Beginner pass is meant for beginner dancers, classes are quite simple but very diverse.
VIP pass is for intermediate dancer or advanced. You can pick between all workshops at the festival- more simple open level classes or more difficult advanced classes.
Bootcamp pass is only for intermediate, advanced dancers, who wish to challenge themselves. More information at the "Bootcamp" section.
Super bootcamp pass is for hardcore dancers. You will have ALL the workshops and events of the festival.
Day pass is perfect for dancer who cannot come to Saaremaa for more than one day.
Guest pass is meant for dancer's partner or real spa lover. You can relax at the spa during the day or visit our beautiful Kuressaare as it includes  only evening events.