The Oriental Artist SARA GUIRADO, with her own school in Valencia, Spain (“Sara Guirado Dance school”), has dedicated to the oriental dance since 1999. Formed initially with great masters like Nesma in “Reda” style or students of Amir Thaleb in Argentinian Style. She has forged yet very distinctive style thanks to an unbroken personal research in many fields. Currently combines her regular trips to Egypt, in order to further research on folklore, zaar and Sufi ceremonies, with other disciplines such as flamenco and Indian classical dances. She currently studies arabic percussions. Her career has achieved international renown, and now she is hired around the world. 
Fun fact: Sara has the most viewed video of bellydance on youtube in the world with more than 40 millions of views!

MARI started learning middle eastern dances back in 2003. She has developed her skills under many Estonian and foreign dance teachers. In 2007 she found ATS and through that Tribal Fusion. She started taking part of different Tribal Fusion workshops in Europe to get better at this style. From 2012 she is a Tribal Fusion teacher in Arrakis Dance Studio. But she also loves to take ballet classes!

Fun fact: Mari is wearing many foot chains on daily bases and she really loves butterflies!

Oriental dance artist JELENA, has been dancing since her early childhood. Oriental dance found it's way to her over 10 years ago and she is still developing her skills under the best international teachers. Next to that she also loves to dance other styles, such as fusion, tribal fusion, Urban Contemporary, creative dance etc. Also she is learning health movement. Jelena is a teacher and choreographer at Arrakis Dance Studio and also a co-organizer for many dance events.

YAHNA is dancer in several dance genres. She teaches, performs and participates in battles with tribal fusion, bellydance, twerk, stripdance, vogue and learns different urban styles. Yahna's passion is also yoga, food and nutrition and different bodymovements. She finds inspiration from around the world and it's people.

KALILA is young oriental dance artist, teacher and choreographer and she has continuously been learning from various master teachers from all over the world. Kalila is teaching oriental dance in Zahira dance studio where she is also a member and choreographer at well-known and loved Estonian dance troupe with a wide repertory from oriental dance to other various styles. Since then she has also been teaching workshops all over Estonia and abroad. Kalila has won numerous awards at oriental dance competitions in Estonia and elsewhere. She is warmly welcomed performer and guest artist at different venues and events in Estonia and also in Finland. She believes there is always a possibility to grow, learn more and develop further. Kalila is not only interested about the dance itself but thinks that the culture, history and knowledge is also very important aspects. Right now she is also studying at the masters programme at the choreography department in Tallinn University.

JULIANA PETERSONE is the head of well-known Latvian dance studio Auraj Studio. She teaches aerobics and fitness since 1990; in addition to this she is teaching Oriental dance since 2003. Juliana also uses fitness methodology in her Oriental dance courses to facilitate belly dance movements. Her students have won several prizes in Oriental dance competitions (2007-2017). Juliana is also the organizer of annual Baltic Oriental Dance Festival Piramida and Latvian Bellydance Group.

TANJA GRUBERTE is a well-known Tribal Fusion instructor, performer, choreographer & costume creator based in Riga, Latvia.

BERIT VILL is the head of Müstika Dance Studio, internationally recognized dance teacher and judge. She is also choregrapher and instructor of Müstika oriental showgroup, with this group, they have taken part of different festivals, private events and competitions. Berit Aicha Vill started dancing oriental dance back in 2000 and by now, she has worked as a dancer already in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, France, Germany, Greece and Finland. Berit started giving classes in 2004. Next to that, she has been judging in such oriental competitions as „Azure” and „Dum Tek” (Latvia), „Raks Berlin” (Germany), „Cairo By Night” and „To dance or not to dance Live” (Greece).

Fun fact: Almost a year ago she had a lovely daughter called Freija, but Berit gave dance classes, full-time, even 3 days before the birth.